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Is Cracking Your Joints Bad For You?

Is Cracking Your Joints Bad For You

Well, the research does not prove any harmful effects of cracking your joints. There is an abundant amount of research studies available on the effect of joint cracking, which clearly shows that there is nothing bad in cracking your joints. However, there are trace amounts of evidence showing the harmful effects of joint cracking on bone and joint health.

The research also points out that joint or knuckle cracking does not weaken your joints or bones and does not grow them larger.

According to the Swiss Medical Journal, there is no solid evidence supporting the fact that cracking your joints results in arthritis or any other musculoskeletal condition.

Moreover, a doctor expert in arthritis and rheumatology explains through experimentation that; over a 50-year period of time, the cracking of joints on the left hand two or more times each day does not show any signs or symptoms of arthritis. Furthermore, he shows that the X-ray scans of both right and left-hand do not show any difference in the anatomy of joints – thus the cracking of joints does not do any part in causing arthritis. As cracking the joints doesn’t result in any harm to the person doing it, there must not be any pain or swelling due to joint or knuckle cracking. The cracking of joints must not result in any change or modification of the shape of the joint.

If a person experiences any signs like pain, swelling, or change in the shape of the joint due to cracking of joints, then there is surely something wrong. if there is swelling or pain in the joints after joint cracking, you should go to the doctor immediately to evaluate the health and condition of his joints. Another concerning thing about joint cracking among people is that there is an enlargement of joints or fingers which you crack for a longer period. Of note, the scientific evidence does not depict any enlargement of joints due to the cracking of joints.

If you notice your joints getting painful or they start swelling due to cracking, it is more likely that you might be suffering from some underlying joint condition and requires consultation from a doctor. There is also a possibility that you might injure your finger by pulling your joints more forcefully or pulling the finger in the wrong condition, both of which can result in immense pain. If you or your closed ones suffer from pain or swelling while cracking their joints or knuckles, they must see a doctor right away.

Cracking Your Joints Is Not A Bad Thing

The bottom line is that there is no apparent harm when you crack your joints, but it might be annoying for the people around you due to the sounds of joint cracking. The cracking of joints is not a healthy habit either.

Anyone who cracks their joints knowingly or unknowingly must break this bad habit as it might cause them an injury due to pressing hard on the joints or cracking the fingers in the wrong direction. A person having the habit of cracking his or her joints at first must be aware of what they are doing and why they are doing it. 

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