Wichita Golf Chiropractor

Wichita Golf Chiropractic Treatment Doctor

Dr. Stanley works with athletes in private practice from…

  • Youth recreational league players
  • Wichita State University golfers
  • Professional golfers participating in the Wichita Open on the Web.Com Tour

He has also been the team chiropractor for many local Wichita high school and semi-pro teams during his 8 years in practice and is currently the team chiropractor for the nationally-ranked Sunrise Christian Academy Men’s Basketball program.

In 2014, Dr. Stanley earned his certification with the Titleist Performance Institute to better serve the golfers of the Wichita community. The TPI certification provides additional expertise in analysis of the golf swing and how the body moves during the golf swing to provide Dr. Stanley a deeper understanding of how to assess and treat golfers.

When he’s not helping his patients reach their health and wellness goals, Dr. Stanley enjoys golfing, hunting, playing guitar, watching K-State sports, and spending time with his beautiful wife, Marcella and their amazing son, Brody.

More Than Just Local Wichita Golfers

Dr. Stanley’s expertise has led golfers from all over to travel to Wichita to get chiropractic treatment for golf issues like golfers elbow, low back pain, or to see how they can improve their performance around the course. When professional golfers form all around the world come to participate in the Wichta Open, Dr. Stanley is the official provider of chiropractic care.

Improve Your Golf Game

There are a million ways to swing a golf club, but there is one optimal way for each individual to swing a golf club, and it is based on what that individual is physically capable of. Dr. Stanley is trained to analyze the golf swing, as well as the movements associated with the golf swing to determine the root causes of some of the most common detrimental swing characteristics. Some include:

  • S-Posture
  • C-Posture
  • Loss of Posture
  • Flat Shoulder Plane
  • Sway
  • Over the Top
  • Early Extension
  • Flying Elbow
  • Late Buckle

Those are just a few, from the fingers to the toes, all your movements make a difference and as most golfers know, doing the little things right can make a big difference on the course. A powerful, efficient, and consistent golf swing requires precise timing and mechanics. We can help you hit the ball farther, and lower your scores with our specialized golf screening, our personalized treatment plans, and our custom performance workout programs.