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How Do You Pop Your Middle Back?

How Do You Pop Your Middle Back

When you are mobilizing, adjusting, or manipulating your spine, you are actually cracking your back. Overall, the feeling after cracking is quite a relief and it is fine to do it on your own. There are certain adjustment techniques available that will help in getting the momentary feeling of relaxation and relief. The adjustments for cracking your middle back do not require those famous popping sounds and cracking to see the effectiveness.

Do not overdo the adjustments or force below the point of your comfort. Gentle movements and stretches help in warming up the muscles in your middle back and loosening the tightness or stiffness in this area. Following is the list of some easy-to-do moves which you can do at home for cracking your middle back:

Chair Twists

Sit on a chair with your back straight. Try to bend your right arm across the body to hold the left side of the chair. Do a similar step with the left arm. Now carefully start twisting your upper torso left and right. You can feel this stretch at the lower and middle areas of your spine.

Back Extension

Make a fist with one hand and try to wrap your opposite hand around at the base of your spine. Apply a gentle push on the spine with your hands in a slightly upward position. Using the pressure of your hands, lean yourself back to crack the middle of your back. You will feel this stretching movement along the middle vertebrae and a popping sound. This helps release pressure and ease pain and discomfort,

Standing Lumbar Extension

Start in a standing position by placing your arms along the back with your fingers pointing downwards and your little fingers on either side of your back. Try to extend and lift your spine upwards and start arching your back backward by using your hands to apply gentle pressure to the back. You might want to hold this position for 10 to 20 seconds. This stretching movement allows easing any tightness in your middle back. 

Standing Spinal Rotation

Extend your arms out in front of your body while standing straight. Try to slowly turn your upper part of the body to the right side by keeping the hips in place. Return towards the center of the body and then twist to your left side. Go back and forth with this movement until your back feels soothing or you hear your back cracking. 

Seated Twist

Sit on the matt or on the floor. Extend your left leg in front of your body and bend the right leg. Cross your right leg over the left one. Keeping your spine straight and long in this position for a few minutes will really ease the tight areas in your middle back. Try to reach your right hand on the ground below your hips. This specific stretch will begin to feel at your lower and middle back and helps release trapped energy to ease backache and swelling. 

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