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Why Do I Feel The Need To Crack My Knuckles?

Why Do I Feel The Need To Crack My Knuckles

The researchers reveal that as many as 54 percent of the population cracks their knuckles. A majority of people do this because of the sensation of relief after cracking the knuckles. As the joints tend to feel loser for a brief duration, the people enjoy the feeling of knuckle cracking and do it repetitively just to release the tension among joints. 

According to the doctors, the interesting fact about why people feel the urge to crack their knuckles is the attention they receive. Particularly in the case of children, they might do it because they enjoy the sound of joints cracking while others do it when they feel bored. Another scientific reason behind the urge of cracking your knuckles is that the joints in the fingers naturally accumulate nitrogen bubbles with time. The accumulation of nitrogen gas in the joints leads to making the joint feel tighter. The tightness or tension in the joints urges the person to crack their knuckles. 

There are several reasons for cracking their knuckles – but some of the most common reasons are as follows:

The Way Cracking Your Knuckles Feels

Some people believe that cracking of their knuckles makes more space in the joints which increases mobility and relieves the tension among joints. However, it might be a deceptive feeling that they are creating more space between the joints, but in reality, there is actually no such evidence.

Sound of Cracking Knuckles

For some people, the popping sound of joint cracking is the reason why they love cracking their knuckles. It is a weird fact, but some people appreciate and seek their satisfaction from the sound of joints popping, especially when they crack their knuckles. Therefore, in the persuasion of hearing the joint popping sound, people tend to crack their knuckles many times a day.

The Habit of Knuckle Cracking

Once a person starts cracking their knuckles for any of the multiple reasons, it is very easy to keep on cracking your knuckles until it happens without you thinking about it consciously. When a person finds himself unconsciously cracking his knuckles a lot of times a day, then it becomes a habit. There is also an interesting term for the people who crack their knuckles five times or more per day; they are known as “habitual knuckle crackers.”


Nervousness or anxiety is another reason people crack their knuckles cracking. Some people do it to avoid a certain situation of pressure. Just as twirling your hair, biting your nails, or wringing your hands, people tend to crack their knuckles to ease nervousness or just to keep them busy.

Cracking knuckles Due To Stress

A few people, who are suffering from stress, find ways to take it out the stress on something. Cracking the knuckles might allow them the feeling of release and diversion from their stressful life without actually causing any harm. Although it is not a good habit and knuckle cracking might be annoying for most of the people in social gatherings but it is a great and risk-free escape for the stressed people. Moreover, the cracking of knuckles only serves as a distraction for the people going through stressful times.

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