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Is It Good To Constantly Crack Your Back?

Is It Good To Constantly Crack Your Back

No, cracking your back more than once per day might not be the healthiest idea over a long period. Some signs of a back condition that requires immediate treatment include discomfort or incessant pain before and after cracking your back. As an alternative to cracking your back too often, you might do gentle exercises and stretches that will help to improve posture, flexibility, and strength. 

If you or someone feels the requirement of cracking your back due to some sort of aching or discomfort that makes you feel your spine out of place, then the best idea is to consult a professional. A professional will identify and treat the underlying causes.

You should avoid self-cracking your back too often or forcing it in too many positions. Cracking of healthy joints too frequently can result in irritation and will give you the feeling that you might need to continue popping your back repeatedly. The urge of cracking your back more frequently could be the sign of an underlying condition that might need treatment right away. Cracking your back might give you temporary relief but you must figure out the actual cause and the specific treatment plan for it. Cracking your back too often or doing it in the wrong way might lead to serious joint complications. Cracking your back by using too much strain on your back will also result in ligament damage and severe pain.

Rather than helping you to get relief from the tightness in your back, you might suffer from dislocation issues in your spine if you crack your back too often. It is important to understand that you must avoid cracking your back if you are suffering from one of the following health conditions:

  • Spinal cancer
  • Tingling, numbness or loss of strength in leg or arm
  • Severe osteoporosis
  • An upper neck bone abnormality
  • Higher risk of stroke

It is a possibility that the joints having a restriction to movement might not be able to crack when you twist your back. You must crack the healthy joints that are able to move freely. 

Try to make an appointment with a professional osteopath, physical therapist or chiropractor to get a spinal adjustment. In addition to a slipped disc, another side effect of frequently cracking your back includes aggravation of symptoms of arthritis and other joint conditions. Generally, it is a safe practice to crack your back but doing it more frequently is not a good idea. 

Of note, you must wait for 20 minutes before cracking your back after one cracking episode as it may lead to some ligament or soft tissue injury. You must seek help from a professional if you are experiencing any health conditions like arthritis or other bone conditions and try not to crack your back at home. By cracking your back over and over again, you will develop a habit that sometimes may be due to the addiction of feeling relaxed.

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