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Moved To The Wichita East Side – – Dr. Mike Stanley, DC – Owner

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About four months ago, I decided to move my chiropractic office to the East side of Wichita. This decision was driven by numerous factors such as closer proximity to home, closer proximity to my kids’ schools, etc. However, one of the main reasons I moved was to change my “style” of practice. 

For years I had what I would consider a “traditional” chiropractic practice. Patients came in; we provided chiropractic care, they got better; some would continue on some form of preventative maintenance plan, some would not. I noticed that many of my patients wouldn’t make a lasting change in their lifestyle due exclusively to our care. I commonly would see them in 4-6 months with an aggravation of their previous issue, continuing the cycle. A quick skim of the research into the effectiveness of conservative care for spinal disorders showed a common theme. No matter what treatment was provided (chiropractic, physical therapy, etc.), the outcomes were ALWAYS better if paired with ONE other variable: 


One day I was introduced to something called the Clinic-Gym Hybrid model of practice, and I found it very intriguing. A friend of mine, Dr. Josh Satterlee, came up with the idea for a clinic with an in-office gym space a while back and had been teaching chiropractors how to open and operate a business like this for years.

The concept is simple:

People seek chiropractic care primarily because they are in pain. So the average chiropractic office gets people out of pain (at minimum) and helps people move better (ideally) long-term. But, what when the patient has reached their maximum level of improvement? Where do we go from there?

The answer to that was clear. To effectively improve peoples’ lives long-term, we had to guide them towards a fitness solution to their problem. To get people moving better, we must get them moving better. There is no spinal condition known to man that could not benefit from the person suffering from it losing weight, improving their flexibility, and getting stronger.

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