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Is Chiropractic Care Better Than Physical Therapy?

Is Chiropractic Care Better Than Physical Therapy?

Chiropractors believe that proper alignment of the musculoskeletal structure allows the body to heal naturally and prevent musculoskeletal injuries. Correct spinal alignment is the ultimate goal of chiropractic treatment, usually accomplished by hands-on manipulation or digital machines. 

The aim of physiotherapy is to prevent or treat injuries and to manage the range of movement. Instead of concentrating solely on your spine, it helps you maintain overall mobility. Simply put, physiotherapy treats the whole person instead of exclusively treating spinal problems.

Although physiotherapy is also beneficial for mobility, chiropractic care is more curative than physiotherapy. Chiropractic treatment includes spinal manipulation as well as alternative therapies. Here’s why it is better than physical therapy in so many ways.

1) Chiropractic Is A Focused, Personal Care

Chiropractic treatment is well known for its personal approach. Whereas with physiotherapy, a person is most likely to be hooked to electrical machines. A chiropractic care plan is one on one with a chiropractor. In the chiropractic world, the focus is given more to focused, personal care; and therefore, spinal manipulation and other procedures are done through manual stimulation.

2) Chiropractic Is More Affordable

Chiropractic sessions are less costly than physiotherapy. Physiotherapy sessions charge for hands-on work as well as for machinery usage. With the exception of the initial visit in which x-rays are taken, chiropractic treatments are cheaper per session in most cases than physiotherapy.

3) Chiropractic Care Is More Effective For Neck Pain

Studies published in “The Annals of Internal Medicine” revealed that chiropractic care is more effective for treating neck pain than aspirin, ibuprofen, narcotic medications, and physiotherapy. 

Injuries involving the neck are one of the most common reasons for people to seek chiropractic treatment. Neck pain is commonly treated in three ways: chiropractic spinal manipulation, physiotherapy, and pain medication. 

Chiropractic care was studied in comparison to pain medication by Dr. Gert Bronford. Patients experiencing chiropractic treatment reported 75% pain reduction. Patients taking prescribed medications, however, only reported 38% pain reduction. A year after the chiropractic studies were conducted, the beneficial effects of chiropractic treatment were still seen higher compared to physiotherapy.

4) Chiropractic Provides Immediate Relief

When it comes to reducing pain immediately, chiropractic spinal manipulation is proven to be more effective than physical therapy. It can take several visits for a person to feel relief from the latter treatment. Chiropractors usually achieve results within a short period of time and sometimes after only one session. 

Since many pains, including those of the neck, back, head, and stomach result from excessive stress. These pains can also be alleviated by chiropractic spinal adjustment. A spinal adjustment method is also a form of massage. The purpose of this massage is to relax your muscles and spine. 

5) Chiropractic Sessions May Relieve Many Ailments

In addition to relieving back, neck, and head pain, chiropractic treatment also aids in relieving various other symptoms and illnesses that aren’t closely related to the musculoskeletal system. These may include pregnancy issues, indigestion, asthma, fainting, dizziness, and pneumonia. Nothing like this has been claimed about physiotherapy. Regular chiropractic sessions are appropriate for acute pain associated with your back and neck, lower back pain, and pain caused by jerking or wrenching your back or neck.

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