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How Should I Sleep If My Neck Hurts?

How Should I Sleep If My Neck Hurts?

Your sleeping position is strongly related to the health and quality of your sleep. Sleeping on your back or side are the most recommended sleeping positions when you have neck pain or dealing with neck discomfort. Compared to sleeping on your stomach, doctors recommend these positions as they are less stressful on your spine.

Most people develop their preferred sleeping position early in life, so it becomes very difficult for them to change this habit. However, as you become comfortable with your new position, it will add a lot of health benefits as well as help you get rid of neck pain and stiffness.

Here’s how you should sleep if your back or neck hurts

On your back

 Sleeping on your back is a natural position that helps maintain the natural curves of your spine. Adding a thin pillow in this position (such as a cervical pillow or a memory foam pillow) helps you achieve a similar angle as when you are standing and add an extra layer of support to your head and neck. It greatly helps prevent neck pain, stiffness, and soreness.

Sleeping on your side

 It is one of the best ways to keep your neck and spine from straining. Sleeping on your side helps keep your head in a neutral position – with your chin straight ahead. To prevent your neck from straining and stiffness, doctors recommend using a pillow high enough that helps in keeping your neck neutral.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach

 People with neck pain or stiffness should avoid sleeping on the stomach. Sleeping on your stomach forces your head to remain in an uncomfortable posture for hours at a

time. This faulty alignment can put stress on your neck and may lead to serious neck problems in the long run.

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