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How often should you get a chiropractic adjustment?

how often to get an adjustment

It depends on several factors that determine the frequency and number of visits a patient needs. In most of the cases, the patients may need to visit chiropractors multiple times in the beginning, but when their body starts to heal, they need less frequent adjustments.

The type of injury, health care goals, and the severity of the condition are the major factors that determine how many chiropractic sessions a patient needs. 

A chiropractor will evaluate the severity of the condition, symptoms, and pain related to the condition and determine the best recovery program and treatment plan for his patient.

A treatment plan may include additional therapies such as 3D spinal decompression or physical therapy, depending on the condition. The very first factor that determines the number of adjustments is the treatment goal. 

What is the goal of treatment?

Some patients require adjustment of back, neck, and spine while some need preventive maintenance to achieve personal goals in everyday life. Some patients also need chiropractic adjustments to fulfill their exercise routines.

How often patients need adjustment depends on the treatment goals. 

Neck & Back Pain Adjustments

Most of the time, people need chiropractic adjustment due to neck and back pain. Chiropractors do not only treat these conditions but seeking a chiropractic adjustment is fount to be most effective in back and neck pain. Generally, chiropractors recommend two visits per week to the patients of disc-related conditions. The conditions, such as strain and muscle spasm, require one visit per week for a few weeks. This is not a universal rule and cannot be recommended to all patients. 

A chiropractor will perform an exam to recommend the best treatment plan for the fastest and long-lasting recovery. Most of the chiropractors suggest follow-up visits to determine the number of adjustments required to treat the condition. 

Maintenance Chiropractic Adjustments

People also need chiropractic adjustments for maintenance treatments other than back and spine adjustments. These people may include the individuals who recently had a treatment plan or the persons who want to prevent pain recurrence. 

For maintenance type treatments, people usually ask about the number of chiropractic adjustments they need. The number of adjustments for each person depends on several lifestyle factors, such as type of job, and level of physical activity. People who perform more stressful jobs should visit the chiropractor about every two weeks while the individuals having a less stressed lifestyle can visit after a month. 

The primary goal of spinal adjustment is to provide long term relief and not a quick fix for a few days or weeks.

So, the number of adjustments a patient need will depend on the patient’s needs, goals, and type of injuries. For the long-term relief and to accomplish the goal of the treatment, the patient should cooperate and carry out routine activities according to the suggestions given by the chiropractors. 

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