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How Long Does It Take A Chiropractor To Fix Sciatica?

How Long Does It Take A Chiropractor To Fix Sciatica?

Sciatica pain affects many people on a daily basis. An old injury, accident, lifting a heavy object, or a bad posture could be the cause of sciatica pain. It can be effectively relieved by chiropractic treatment that involves realignment of the spine and joints. Keep reading to find out how chiropractic treatment for sciatica pain works and how long it takes to fix sciatica.

Rather than treating the cause of pain, a chiropractor treats the person. Adjustment of the spine and joints helps release the nerve compression and smooth out the muscle’s movement. As a result, the patient’s posture is realigned, and pressure is relieved on the joints. Sciatica may be caused by simply standing with more weight on one leg than the other. The hips are slightly misaligned here, causing the person to lean to one side in order to compensate.

Daily routines like this can be damaging. As a result, the person is unlikely to notice their balance is off. Poor posture can create pressure on the lower leg and spine and may lead to long-term sciatic pain.

Sciatica often resolves on its own in mild cases. Seeking out medical care is good when the pain doesn’t resolve quickly. Visit your chiropractor if you experience the following symptoms:

  • Sharp pain in the legs that has lasted more than a week
  • Pain or burning sensation that is getting more severe every day
  • Sciatica pain and associated symptoms that don’t get better with rest or over-the-counter medications
  • It affects your leg by causing numbness or weakness
  • You experience incontinence due to this condition

How Long Will It Take To Fix Sciatica? 

You might be able to get relief from sciatica pain by seeing a chiropractor. Chiropractic care is a non-invasive and drug-free treatment modality that utilizes techniques designed specifically to treat the underlying causes of your back and leg pain. Chiropractors can relieve sciatic nerve pain through spinal manipulation and other natural practices. Chiropractic adjustments, cryotherapy, acupuncture, diet, and exercise, are also used to treat sciatic nerve pain.

As part of the appointment, the chiropractor will ask about your general health and past medical/surgical history. The chiropractor will also ask if you have any other medical conditions and dietary and fitness habits. A chiropractor tends to focus on as few treatments as possible in order to provide relief to their patients. Usually, sciatica-like pain can be relieved in four to six visits. Chiropractic treatments include basic exercises you can do at home to prevent the symptoms from returning.

These four to six visits only include in-clinic chiropractic adjustments and exercise sessions, and you may need additional time to recover and get back to routine activities. Statistical data shows that most people with acute sciatica pain get pain relief within 14-20 days post chiropractic sessions, another 7-10 days to regain strength, and some additional time to join the workplace and do day-to-day activities. Many of these people also start resuming strenuous activities like playing sports and going to the gym within two months.

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