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How Do Children Get Nerve Irritation?

Children Get Nerve Irritation

Vertebral subluxations or more commonly known as nerve irritations may occur secondary to traumas and injuries. Most of the time, they are caused by chemical, physical, emotional, and biological stressors such as exposure to chemical and environmental toxins, poor dietary habits, bad posture, prolonged postures, knocks, and falls, dehydration, sleeping on the tummy. Interestingly, nerve irritation may begin even before the child’s birthright inside the mother’s womb. The most common aggressors include exposure to toxins, awkward positioning, restriction of movement, and due to birth complications such as forceps or cesarean delivery or very fast or long labors.

When we are able to appreciate the importance of the nervous system, the significant role it plays in our health, and how easily it can be impaired and hindered – then it makes sense that why all children must consult chiropractors and deserve a well-adjusted spine and nervous system.

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