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Can A Chiropractor Help With a Torn Ligament?

torn ligament problems

Chiropractors are well known to treat back and neck pain, but can they help in rehabilitating a torn ligament? Before calling a chiropractor right away, know that chiropractors do not accept cases immediately. They make sure that they can treat your problem.

A chiropractor evaluates your condition and asks for various physical tests to find out if he can help or if it’s better for you to consult a physical therapist. Just like other doctors, a chiropractor prioritizes your health and wellness; to avoid more health complications.

A ligament is a small band of flexible, tough tissue, having lots of individual fibers, which connect bone to bone. Injuries of ligament include strain, tears, torn, and inflammation followed by any traumatic event, a sudden injury, or can be caused by excessive use. Ligament injuries can cause various problems such as

  • Decreased mobility
  • Severe pain
  • Difficulty in performing activities of daily life

How Does A Chiropractor help With A Torn Ligament?

Often, a team of chiropractic specialists, physical therapists, and massage therapists work together to treat ligament injury and to make a better treatment plan that helps in relieving your pain and providing you with fuller life. The treatment for ligament injuries includes stretching, chiropractic adjustments, bracing, hot and cold therapy, massage therapy, electro muscular stimulation, physical rehabilitation, and other therapies.

The chiropractor aims in treating ligamentous injuries by a natural, holistic method that seeks to relieve your pain, to provide you with a fuller range of motion, and to improve your quality of life.

Treatment Of Torn Ligament

Chiropractic treatment for sprains involve the following methods:

  • Ice packs to reduce inflammation
  • Rest
  • Elevation/Compression
  • Interferential, laser treatment, ultrasound
  • Soft tissue work: deep tissue massage, cross friction, trigger point therapy
  • Exercises to improve proprioception, strengthen the muscles, and enhance muscle and nerve function.

Chiropractors only treat 1st and 2nd-degree ligament sprains, but surgery is required first to repair 3rd-degree sprains. After surgery, chiropractic treatment is the best way to rehabilitate the injury to regain fitness and optimal function.

The main goal of the chiropractors is to strengthen the joint, reduce scar tissue formation, and build up reflexes that protect the joint. It is difficult for an injured ligament to become as strong as it was before the injury, but good treatment and effective rehabilitation can reduce the risk of long term complications.

How Long It Takes For Ligament Injury Takes To Get Better?

Usually, grade 1 sprain becomes weight-bearing within one week, but grade 2 sprains take 3 to 6 weeks to turn to normal activities. According to research, it can take up to 6 months for complete healing.

Generally, sprains may take a long time to heal, and there is no set time for recovery. According to researchers, it can take up to 6 months before the healing is complete. The rate of ligament recovery usually depends on the severity of the injury, your ability to heal, your compliance to treatment, and how long it has been present.

If the main cause of the problem is not treated, it can lead to osteoarthritis or” wear and tear” due to instability. The sooner you treat a problem, the quicker you heal.

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