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What Do Sports Chiropractors Do?

what do chiro do

Chiropractic sports medicine or sports chiropractic is a relatively new branch in the field of chiropractic care. As chiropractic treatment has become more mainstream in the last decade, more and more practitioners start to specialize and gain knowledge in a variety of healing methods. These professionals specialize in the care of musculoskeletal injuries, restoration of the movement and range of motion, and prevention. 

Sports chiropractic is an excellent resource for professional athletes and ordinary people. Whether you need treatment for a sports-related injury or a little advice on performance issues, you will find that a sports chiropractic care can play an essential part in keeping your musculoskeletal system in peak condition.

What Kind of Care Does Sports Chiropractic Give?

Sports chiropractors often treat high-level, professional athletes, but they also treat everyday people and sports-related injuries. No matter who or what level of the game you are at, a sports chiropractor can give professional care of everything from helping you achieve a PR and rehabilitation of an injury.

Many sports chiropractors specialize in treating common, overuse injuries related to different sports. Runners who suffer from foot, knee, or hip injuries or pain, overhead athletes like baseball and volleyball – who have pain in the shoulder or upper extremity and sports traumas, tennis players, and even concussions are treated and managed by sports chiropractors. Using manual techniques or imaging scans (such as x-ray, Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, CT scan, MRI scans), they can evaluate, diagnose, treat, and give professional advice just about any sports-related injury, trauma or performance issue. They may also use multiple imaging modalities to track the progress of rehabilitation.

In a post-operative scenario, although physical therapists are still the primary rehabilitative treatment providers, sports chiropractors play an important role in the evaluation of patients before orthopedic or muscular surgery.

What Types of Treatments Do Sports Chiropractic Care Offer?

Sports chiropractors can do spinal manipulations if needed. Most of them also evaluate and adjust displaced joints that may demonstrate a restricted range of motion. But that treatment options are just the beginning.

Here are a few other treatments that a sports chiropractor may offer;

  • Strength training
  • Muscle work
  • Barbell exercises
  • Stretching activities
  • Kettlebell exercise
  • Core strengthening exercises
  • Taping
  • Exercise rehabilitation

How Do I Know if I Should See a Sports Chiropractor?

Anyone with a sports-related injury, who plays sports regularly, or wants to optimize his/her athletic performance can benefit from sports chiropractic care. Your sports chiropractor can help you with aches, pains, dislocations, and injuries that come along with an exercise and help you be in a tip-top and healthy position. 

If exercise pains and injuries are slowing your workout down, you can consult your sports chiropractor for an adjustment. They will have you back at the gym or playground in no time at all.

The Take-Away

Every sports chiropractor treats injuries and trauma with the same basic techniques. They may use traction tables to relieve pressure on the discs and spinal manipulation and other methods to align your spine. A good sports chiropractor will also be eager to update you and advise the proper way to move your body. 

Sports chiropractors are firm believers in safe, effective, and holistic care. This means that they are concerned with the health and stability of your whole body – rather than just treating the apparent symptoms. 

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