Neck Pain

Neck Pain Relief – Wichita, KS

Do you struggle with neck pain and live in the Wichita, KS area? Did you know chiropractic care can help?

Neck pain is getting more and more common with our increased reliance on smartphones and computers. Nearly 50% of the population will experience neck pain at some point in their life. Luckily, chiropractic has been proven safe and effective at treating neck pain.

Many people live with neck pain daily and depend on medication to keep their pain at a manageable level so they can get through the day. However, the side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs and opiods have never been more evident than they are today. This means that an effective, natural, conservative way of treating neck pain is more important than ever.

The good news is that many people with neck pain experience great relief in a reasonable amount of time with the kind of care that we provide in our office.


The Cause of Neck Pain

There are many causes of neck pain. Neck pain can be from something severe such as an accident, fall, or a whiplash injury, or it can be from something more minor such as poor posture. Most cases of neck pain are mechanical in nature meaning that it is likely a minor misalignment or restricted joints in the spine that are causing pain. When joints get restricted, they cause stiffness, pain, and inflammation that can irritate the nerves that lead from the neck. In severe cases, neck pain can be accompanied by numbness or tingling down the shoulders, arms and even into the hands.

In all cases of neck pain, it is important to determine what is causing your pain to quickly and effectively treat it. If you move your head up and down and side to side and notice that it feels “stuck” in one or more directions, odds are that you have some joints in your neck that aren’t moving the way they are supposed to. If left untreated, the other joints of your neck will soon begin to compensate for the lack of motion. Think of it as a boat with multiple oarsmen on each side. If one rower quits doing their job, the others are placed under additional stress and can soon become overworked.

We would love to see if we can help you get rid of your neck pain. When you come in for your first appointment, you will have a consultation and exam with Dr. Stanley that is specifically designed to figure out what exactly is causing your neck pain. If we can help, we will come up with a treatment plan that is specifically designed to safely and effectively treat your neck pain as quickly as possible.

So contact us today to schedule an appointment. Don’t suffer with neck pain a day longer.