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Is Popping Your Neck Good Or Bad?

why do chiropractors pop your neck

Cracking your joints from neck down to the toes is natural. If you’ve ever cracked your neck out of stress, pain, or tightness, and heard a popping noise, you may have experienced that there was cause for concern. Occasionally cracking your neck is not dangerous, but cracking it or blunt trauma can lead to potential damage.

Why Does The Neck Crack?

The capsule surrounding the joints stretches by cracking. These capsules contain synovial fluid, and when you stretch the joint, the fluid is pressed onto the capsule. Several sets of facet joints are present on each side of your neck. The fluid in these joints turns into a gas and makes a cracking or popping noise -known as ‘cavitation ‘or ‘boiling’. In simple words, you’re releasing the pressure and tension in your neck, which results in a cracking sound.

Is Cracking My Neck Beneficial?

Cracking your neck feels good, but you should discuss it with your chiropractor or orthopedic specialist before doing so to make sure that it is safe. Some studies reveal that neck cracking releases the pressure in the joint and adjusts it back to the proper position. However, clinical data also show that many people just feel good hearing that cracking sound, a phenomenon called the “placebo effect.”

Can Cracking My Neck Be Dangerous?

Although cracking your neck seems satisfying, but it may cause danger if done the wrong way. If you crack your neck too forcefully, it can pinch the delicate nerves in your neck. A pinched nerve can be severely painful, and it can also limit the movement of your neck.

Should I Seek Chiropractic Care Cor Cracking Neck?

If you crack your neck regularly and don’t feel any kind of discomfort or pain, then there is no need to visit chiropractic or any other medical professional. But if you’re not satisfied even after cracking your neck frequently, there may be a need to get your joints realigned. After the realignment of your joints, you may feel less urge to crack your neck all the time.

You should consult your doctor or chiropractor if:

  • There is an unusual swelling in your neck, as it may be a sign of infection, fluid buildup, or injury.
  • You feel pain in your neck joint, especially if it is a chronic pain that doesn’t have any significant cause
  • Your joints are becoming less mobile due to age or any pathology like osteoarthritis

A chiropractor helps you in manipulating your joints to make sure they’re perfectly aligned, thus preventing the pain and pressure on your neck that urges you to crack your neck.

The bottom line

Cracking your neck seldom and in the right way, makes you feel good by releasing pressure and pain in your joints. But if you’re doing it frequently and still feeling pain or pressure, consult a chiropractor or your family doctor. They can help diagnose and treat the underlying cause of your discomfort.

Asking a chiropractor or your doctor about a proper way to crack your neck will prevent long-term damage to your neck and the surrounding muscles, tissues, and nerves.


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