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Do Insurance Companies Pay For Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic Care insurance

Chiropractic care comes under the alternative therapies that primarily focuses on the alignment of your bones and muscles. One of the most popular treatment options of chiropractic care is called a “spinal manipulation,” which is commonly used to treat car accident victims and involves the mechanical alignment of the spine. Spinal adjustments have also become more and more popular for treating chronic and acute back and neck pain thanks to promising research that shows that chiropractic care works.

Medical insurance covers many chiropractic procedures, but the criteria are extremely specific and depend on the insurance plan. You will also need an official diagnosis from a licensed doctor to qualify for this treatment. Besides spinal manipulation, some health insurance plans also offer coverage for additional chiropractic treatments.

Depending on the local laws of your state and the insurance plans, your company may provide you with one of these medical covers. 

Plan A

Medical plan A does not cover visits to the chiropractor and only deals with hospital care. Since going to a chiropractor for treatment is a service, not an emergency procedure, it’s not covered by Plan A.

Plan B

Medical Plan B covers medically necessary services such as preventive care and treatments required for your immediate needs. Preventive care is a little tricky to define, but it may include mental health services, flu shots, and visits to your general practitioner.

This plan will cover spinal manipulation as a medically approved treatment for spinal injuries. The number of treatments may differ according to how many sessions are necessary to align your spine.

Furthermore, this plan will cover 80 percent of the cost of the chiropractic treatment, after you have met your yearly deductible. Plus, it doesn’t cover the cost of diagnostic tests, such as X-rays.

Plan C

Plan C, which is also called “Medicare Advantage”, is the name of different health plans offered by private insurance companies. These insurance plans are approved by the federal government and might cover additional treatments that Plan A and Plan B don’t cover.

Treatments beyond spinal adjustment and imaging tests may be covered by this plan.

Understanding Chiropractic Coverage

If you know or are advised by your doctor that you need chiropractic treatment, remember that regular insurance will only cover the expenses for spinal subluxation. Additionally, you are responsible for the treatment cost until you meet your annual deductible.

Medical plans may help cover some of your out-of-pocket expenses for chiropractic care. You cannot choose more than one plan.

The Bottom Line

If you want chiropractic treatment for chronic back pain or as a rehabilitation process followed by a motor vehicle accident, your visits may be covered by health insurance companies – depending on your state laws and the insurance plans. 

Currently, most insurance companies are providing cover for manual manipulation of the spine as the only type of chiropractic treatment. However, some plans may also cover additional chiropractic treatments and even diagnostic imaging tests.

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