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Chiropractor Vs Physical Therapy for Neck Pain

Chiropractor Vs Physical Therapy for Neck Pain

Just like back pain, neck pain can develop slowly or suddenly after an injury or a car accident. A chiropractor may provide reassurance by “resetting” your body into alignment, giving your body fewer chances to move out of balance and cause discomfort.

Chiropractic care may help even in cases of sudden injuries, such as whiplash. After a few sessions, your muscles and spine restore their alignment, and the lasting effects of the accident may disappear.

To rebuild muscle strength and movement from injury or strain, without overexerting your body can be achieved by chiropractic treatment. Especially if the pain in your neck is due to a surgery or previous injury, chiropractic care is often effective to achieve better health.

On the other hand, physical therapy is a less specific treatment option. However, in most cases, both chiropractic care and physiotherapy are recommended to boost recovery and prevent further injuries.

When to Avoid Physical Therapy for Neck Pain?

Physical therapy may not reduce neck pain in some cases, or it may even worsen it. Neck pain typically doesn’t require physical therapy if any of the following is true:

  • Structural instability of the spine
  • A serious underlying medical issue

The Takeaway

Your best bet is to schedule a consultation with a professional to determine what services are best for you. A physician or even an emergency room doctor is a person that can help you choose the best option for you – depending on the underlying cause. Getting a thorough examination is essential to finding your specific problem areas and determining which treatment option would help you the most.

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