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Why Do Doctors Not Like Chiropractors?

Doctors Vs Chiropractors

If you’ve ever complained of lingering back pain or terrifically sore neck, it is obvious that someone suggested you see a chiropractor. For many problems, including such diverse and seemingly unrelated ones as back and neck problems, headaches, and digestive distress – chiropractic care can often provide effective, fast-working, and safe treatment. Most insurance organizations cover it as an alternative for most of the allopathic and interventional therapies.

However, many conventional medical doctors aren’t fans. There are no clear reasons behind it, however, the dislike ness seems to lie somewhere on the scale between being worried that chiropractic treatment is not safe or that good chiropractor may carry away many of their patients.

In a glass-is-half-full kind of way, this troubled healthcare environment is actually offering an opportunity for good chiropractors to gain some long-delayed respect — at least that gives hope for the currently floating chiropractic community.

Why are doctors skeptical? A chiropractor explained that one of his patients is an orthopedic surgeon — but another orthopedic surgeon in his community won’t accept any patient referrals from him, and any of the nearby hospitals won’t conduct MRI scans for his patients. This shows a lack of acceptance which is fueled by the very fact that chiropractic care does not involve drugs and may be an effective alternative to surgery and hospitalization, which makes it captivating to the patients. 

A few medical care companies now cover some chiropractic services and it has improved its credibility. This thing also threatens the doctors and hospital administrations that this natural, less expensive, and less invasive alternative will divert medical-care dollars away from hospitals and medical doctors.

A common misconception is that medical doctors “hate chiropractors.” This generally is not true. They usually dislike any specialist who makes them feel uneasy or unaware about their patient. Therefore, any specialist who acts unconventionally and roguishly without first consulting with the Medical Doctor will face a cessation of referrals. 

Another objection faced is that physicians question chiropractors being “real” doctors. Chiropractors produce charts to praise all of the hours of physiology and anatomy knowledge that they get in chiropractic schools and how they compare to their MD colleagues. The issue is that the chiropractors show these charts to their patients and not the MDs.

It is often heard that MDs will not refer their patients to chiropractors because they think a chiropractor will “cannibalize,” or steal, their patients from them. A primary care medical doctor may see more than 100 different cases in a week or 400 in a month. A conservative estimate is that about 10% of those patients are with musculoskeletal complaints, which is almost 40 patients. If the MD treats half of these 10% patients, then there will be 20 patients left that must be referred out for therapy to a chiropractor. It is obvious that the MD should not be worried that the other specialists will cannibalize his patients. Therefore, he should refer his patients to a chiropractor for effective treatment and care.

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